Bringing Home an ABBY

Bringing Home an ABBY

By B.A. Little, Reporter •

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Broadcast professionals from across Alabama attended the thirteenth annual Alabama Broadcasters Association’s “Best in Broadcasting Awards”, otherwise known as the ABBYs, on Saturday, March 7th at The Club in Birmingham.

We, at Southern Torch, were thrilled to receive the Small Market Event/Client Promotion for “Bruce’s Foodland: Wiener an Hour” for WKEA-FM, 98-3 Wild Country. Jenna Payne, Media Sales Manager, and creator of the promotion accepted the award in front of the brightest and most creative people in radio and television.

Jenna thanked the team at Southern Torch and 98-3 Wild Country, including Joe Sims who produced the spot, for working to create an awarding winning entry.

“It takes a creative team to put together an award-winning promotion, and that it what we have,” stated Payne. “Not only is this a prestigious award for the first year of Southern Torch’s radio endeavor but also it was very fulfilling to win this award as Bruce’s Foodland celebrates its 40th anniversary.”

Bruce’s Foodland has been a long-standing client and believes that radio advertising is still the most effective way to reach the most consumers. Their family-owned business also supports many charities and nonprofits in our communities. Bruce’s Foodland Stores have been serving North Alabama residents for over three decades. Two generations, one common goal: It’s a family operation at Bruce’s Foodland Stores.

We would like to thank our advertisers and listeners for making the commitment to our radio stations.