Community Bans Together to Protect Their Most Vulnerable

Community Bans Together to Protect Their Most Vulnerable

By Jackson Blaze Staff

JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. – The Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce is working in an unprecedented manner during the COVID-19 Pandemic to take a lead role in organizing community concerns & turning them into action steps. When Representative Hanes called to express concern over protecting our most vulnerable citizens, the elderly and immune-compromised, he approached The Chamber to help facilitate a volunteer-driven grocery delivery system. Using the current online grocery ordering systems in place, The Chamber is heading up communications to ensure the following schedule gets used in order to ensure our most vulnerable citizens are able to stay safely in their homes. 

Using the current online ordering capabilities, offered through Wal-Mart and Bruce’s Foodland, elderly & vulnerable citizens can now order their food and have a volunteer pick up on their behalf and deliver to their doorstep; at no additional cost other than the cost of groceries that will be pre-paid online. 

Jackson County order deadlines and delivery dates are as follows:

  • Long Island, Bryant, Flat Rock, Rosalie: Order on Sunday for a Monday delivery
  • Pisgah, Dutton, Section, Macedonia: Order on Monday for a Tuesday delivery
  • Bridgeport, Stevenson, Fackler: Order on Tuesday for a Wednesday delivery
  • Hollywood, Scottsboro, Langston: Order on Wednesday for a Thursday delivery
  • Woodville, Paint Rock, Skyline, Hytop: Order on Thursday for a Friday delivery

When you’ve placed your order online at Wal-Mart or Bruce’s Foodland, please contact Debbie Ashburn in order to coordinate delivery with our volunteers. If anyone from any of the above Jackson Co. Communities would like to volunteer to pick up & deliver, please contact Debbie Ashburn at 256-609-0165 or email dashburn@scottsboro.og between the hours of 9 AM – 5 PM.