Farm Offers Variety of Animals

Farm Offers Variety of Animals

By Marla Ballard


JACKSON COUNTY, ALA. — Rockin S Farms specializes in raising and selling

quality performance bred Quarter Horses with color. They also raise and sell

miniature Australian Shepherds, French Bulldogs, mini horses and donkeys,

and Great Danes. Owners, Wanda and Gregg Griffith have been in business for

more than a decade.

Rockin S Farms chooses horse bloodlines that flow from proven foundation

genetics. They advertise horses that are eager and willing to learn,

athletic, and versatile. They promote well-bred lines from a proven Mare, a

working ranch horse, or a trail horse. “We take great pride in raising

modern versatile performance bred Quarter Horses that are able to compete at

any level,” said Wanda. “One of the horses we raised is going to Nationals

for barrel and pole bending competition, with our daughter.”

When they started the farm/ranch they teamed up with those in the know-how

to learn the ropes of breeding. “I learned mixing horses known for the speed

with lines known for working ranches produced a horse that could go anywhere

and do anything,” said Wanda. “I give a lot of credit to Scottie Hairston

who taught me a great deal about breeding horses.”  Bloodlines for Rockin S

Farms include; Hancock, Blue Valentine, Peppy San Badger, Doc Bar, and

several others.

Wanda likes horses with color and especially the Blue Roan. A true Blue Roan

has a coat of 50/50 mix of white and black hairs, which gives the equine a

blue-hued appearance. Blue Roans are more rare than other Roan horses. The

more common Roans are bay, chestnut, dun, and black, these Roans are also

characterized by an even mixture of white and colored hairs while the head

and points are mostly solid-colored.  According to Griffith Rockin S Farms

horses are registered with AQHA. Rockin S Farms sells a variety of colored


The Great Danes that Wanda sells are mainly from European lines. “I like the

European Danes better because of the way they look,” said Wanda. “They have

a heavier jowl set and a thicker build.” All Great Danes are known for their

grandeur, but European Danes are known for a more reserved temperament than

American. European Danes are also known for longer necks, a wider torso, and

more wrinkles than the American Dane. It is believed that the Great Danes can

comprehend up to 250 words and gestures and are quick to learn commands.

Griffith said her Great Danes are AKC registered, as well as her French

Bulldogs. She said her Mini Australian Shepherds are ASDR.

Wanda said she named the farm Rockin S for her twin girls Sydnee Grace and

Sarah Kate and her maiden name Simmons.

Phone 256-599-3974. The Farm is in Dutton near the crossroads of Highway 40

and Highway 71. Follow on Facebook – Rockin S Performance Quarter Horses.