Hanes calls for resistance to Vaccine Mandates

Hanes calls for resistance to Vaccine Mandates

Montgomery, AL – State Representative Tommy Hanes is expressing his disappointment in Governor Kay Ivey’s recent executive order that deals with federal vaccine mandates.  

According to Hanes, “Ivey’s executive order does not go far enough, because it only protects employees of the state executive branch.” Hanes also reaffirmed his unwavering belief that nobody in Alabama should be forced to take the vaccine.  

“This order did nothing to protect workers in Alabama who contract with the Federal government, or our citizens who work for an Alabama business that has more than 100 employees, which Biden is targeting right now.” 

Hanes also stressed the importance of passing HB 31, a piece of legislation that would essentially nullify any Federal law or Presidential executive order that mandates vaccines for businesses or individuals.  

Hanes also called out Governor Ivey and her inability to fulfill the state motto of “We Dare Defend Our Rights.”

“Governor Ivey has proven that she is bought and paid for by the Business Council of Alabama, which lobbies strongly against giving people the choice of what goes in their bodies.” 

Hanes continued by saying, “It is clear the Governor will not stand up for our  freedoms and is instead leaving the issue to the court system, a classic RINO move.” 

Hanes concluded by stating, “If Ivey cannot do what is right and demand HB 31 pass, then she is a part of the problem. I will always stand for our freedom and will never let you down unlike the RINOs in Montgomery who bow to the  corporate lobby.”