Jackson County Man Impersonates a Police Officer

Jackson County Man Impersonates a Police Officer

David Hall, Reporter


A Jackson County man was arrested Thursday night, July 14, after he pretended to be a police officer and pulled someone over.

According to Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Michael Freeman conducted a traffic stop on June 26. Harnen added that Freeman is not a police officer.

Harnen said Freeman used red and white lights on his unmarked car to pull over a man because of his blinker. Freeman had a gun and handcuffs when he approached the car, according to officials.

“We went to arrest him last night on the outstanding warrant that was issued,” said Harnen. “They were able to search his vehicle. They still noticed he had the red and white lights in the car in several locations, along with a siren. I think there was a pistol holster a SWAT patch and a carrier type vest that was in the vehicle.”

Although they are not sure which one, deputies believe Freeman is a first responder working for or volunteering with an out-of-state ambulance service.

“Sometimes they want to take the law into their own hands,” Harnen said. “They may or may not have blue lights or red lights or flashing lights, they can pull people over. It is just illegal to do that, you are representing yourself as a law enforcement officer and you cannot do that.”

The authorities were alerted because the man Freeman pulled over was the son of a real Jackson County deputy. He called his father immediately after being pulled over.

Since his July 14 arrest, Freeman has posted a $5,000 bond.