NACC Announces Plan for Fall 2020

NACC Announces Plan for Fall 2020

By Zach Hester, Reporter •

POWELL, Ala. — Ahead of the start of its fall semester, Northeast Alabama Community College (NACC) has announced a plan for safely reopening amidst the developing COVID-19 pandemic. 

According to a press release published by the college, all lecture and theory courses will be offered online with “only some workforce and nursing clinicals” being offered exclusively on campus. In addition, students will be able to be admitted, register, sign up for courses and take said courses without ever physically interacting with groups of other students on campus. 

“At this point with coronavirus, if an instructor contracts the virus in a class of 30 students as they typically have contact within the classroom, it could lead to all students and staff within the class having to be quarantined for two weeks. It would also run the risk of the individual obtaining a very serious or even life-threatening illness from the virus,” said NACC President Dr. David Campbell. “By taking online courses and working in a safe and secure environment, students and staff avoid those COVID-19 risks from the classroom.” 

Campbell went on to state that online students are afforded state-of-the-art equipment, tutors, advisors, and technology experts. 

“As we navigate this pandemic, I encourage you to take the necessary precautions on campus and in your everyday life to protect yourself and others from coronavirus,” Campbell continued. “Our actions impact others, so please join with me by being diligent to do our part in stopping the spread of this disease.” 

For more information on NACC’s efforts to help stop the spread of coronavirus, please visit their website at or visit their social media accounts.