Pisgah Council Member Restored to Elected Position by Court Order

Pisgah Council Member Restored to Elected Position by Court Order

By B.A. Little, Reporter • beverlyannette@southerntorch.com

PISGAH, Ala. — Pisgah Town Council member Connie Carter said that she could have sat back and let it go, but she knew that wasn’t the right thing to do. 

After being removed from her elected council seat in July, which she had been elected to for 12 years, she filed suit against Mayor Leamon Smith, along with council members Dwight Meeks, Andrew Meeks, and Dwight Griffith siting that she was removed from her elected position unlawfully.

The issue began in March when Carter stated that she would be taking a leave due to the sudden death of her husband, her own health, and other responsibilities. Her leave was in the months of April, May, and June. At the July 1, 2019 meeting, Carter was informed that because of her absences, her seat was declared vacant, although she voted on all issues at that meeting.  

At the July 15th meeting, unknown to her and two other council members, another person was at the meeting to replace her on the Pisgah Town Council. At the meeting, Mayor Smith, along with council members Andrew Meeks and Dwight Meeks, voted to remove Carter from her elected seat, while other council members Kathy Woodfin and Linda Smith voted against. Also, after the 3-2 vote, the same voted to appoint Dwight Griffith to Carter’s seat. 

Carter contacted the attorney for the Town of Pisgah. Carter stated that the attorney had no knowledge of her removal from the council and that she did not violate the absentee law. 

Carter sought outside legal advice and hired an attorney to represent her to regain her elected position on the Town Council.

On December 26th an order was issued from the Circuit Court of Jackson County Alabama stating “Defendants Leamon Smith, Andrew Meeks, Dwight Meeks, and Dwight Griffth are permanently enjoined from the attempted ouster of Connie Carter as a duly elected member of the Town Council of the Town of Pisgah and it is hereby ordered that she is restored to her position ..” It further stated that they or others shall not interfere with the performance of Carter’s duties as a duly elected member of the Town of Pisgah.