Rosalie Church of God Supplies Rosalie School

Rosalie Church of God Supplies Rosalie School

David Hall, Reporter

Rosalie Church of God has been working hard since June to supply Rosalie School with supplies for the upcoming school year.

“We are a mission-minded church, and the mission begins here at home,” said Pastor Haynes.

The church raised enough money to provide the school with supplies to cover every classroom supply list from pre-K all the way to 8th grade.  Each teacher and student will have the supplies needed to start the school year.

Gift cards were provided by the church to the school’s janitors and lunchroom workers as well.

On Tuesday, Rosalie Church of God held an appreciation lunch at their church for the entire Rosalie School staff.

When speaking to the school staff at the lunch, Pastor Haynes said, “We want you to know that you’ve got someone on your side. Anytime you need us, we’re going to be here for you.” He continued, “We’re going to be praying for you all school year.”

Rosalie School Principal Gene Roberts also spoke at the appreciation lunch about what this meant to him and the rest of the Rosalie School staff.

“They came and talked to me here a while back and said they were gonna have all the supplies, but I never dreamed it would be everybody’s supplies they wanted,” said Principal Roberts. “We appreciate it. We really do. It means a lot.”

Pastor Haynes and the Rosalie Church family love to support the Rosalie community in any way they can.

“There’s a lot that goes undone for Rosalie, and we honor Rosalie,” said Pastor Haynes.