Roscoe, NACC Campus Dog, Passes Away

Roscoe, NACC Campus Dog, Passes Away

David Hall, Reporter

JACKSON COUNTY, ALA.–On Monday, Roscoe, the campus dog for Northeast Alabama Community College, passed away. This came just days after the college unveiled the new statue of Roscoe and the NACC mascot, Trooper the mustang.

NACC President Dr. David Campbell stated via a Facebook post that Roscoe’s death was caused by calcification on his spine that prohibited his ability to walk or maintain bodily functions. Dr. Campbell also believed Roscoe to be at least 15 years old at the time of his passing. 

Dr. Campbell is glad Roscoe was able to live to see his statue unveiling, which took place on May 12. He went on to say, “We were blessed that we had him at Northeast for as long as we did.” 

Barbara Kilgore, NACC Associate Dean of Instruction, designed the life-sized statue of Roscoe and Trooper. The statue, which features Roscoe and Trooper nose-to-nose, is what Kilgore believes to be a perfect representation of NACC’s mission.

The memory of Roscoe will forever live on through past and present NACC students and faculty.

Former NACC student Nathan Hall said, “Obviously Northeast’s official mascot is the mustang, but Roscoe always felt like the living embodiment of what Northeast stands for. He didn’t care who you were or where you came from. He was always happy to see you.”

Another former NACC student Natalie Hitchcock said, “Roscoe was always a nice face to see between classes. He seemed like he was smiling at the students as they passed by him. He was a happy, cheerful dog who loved the students and made the campus feel more welcoming.”

According to Dr. Campbell, Roscoe will be buried near the campus walking trail.