Scottsboro City Schools to Go Virtual

Scottsboro City Schools to Go Virtual

By B.A. Little, Reporter • beverlyannette@rogscostmedia

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. — In a memo released today, Dr. Reyes, Superintendent of The Scottsboro City School System, confirmed that all schools will be transitioning to a virtual platform for the remainder of the semester which ends on Friday, Dec. 18

Scottsboro High School, Scottsboro Junior High School, and Collins Intermediate will transition to virtual at the conclusion of the school day on Wednesday, Dec. 9.

Caldwell Elementary and Nelson Elementary will remain open Thursday, Dec. 10, but will transition to the virtual platform beginning Monday, Dec. 14.

Each school will provide information concerning student assignments no later than Friday, December 11th.  Semester exams for grades 7-12 will be addressed in the correspondence. 

At this time, extracurricular activities will continue. However, Dr. Reyes expects that the community should prepare for will be a decrease in the number of spectators and stricter measures concerning social distancing and wearing of masks.

Reyes said that administrators, faculty, and other staff members have given everything that they could in order to attempt to keep schools open. He hopes that the community will continue to rally around one another as the schools may be facing the same issues in January. 

“Since August, we have faced many obstacles together and are stronger for it”, Dr Reyes continues, “It is during this time away that I want all of you to focus on you and your family’s health and health-being in preparation for what I hope will be a wonderful family time over the coming weeks.”