Store Offers New And Vintage Items

<strong>Store Offers New And Vintage Items</strong>

By Marla Ballard


SCOTTSBORO – There is a shop in Scottsboro, with nearly 10,000 square feet

of space, where a person may find signage, antiques, arts and craft

supplies, tools, furniture, household wares, collector memorabilia, vinyl

records, candles, clothing, apparel accessories, as well as basically nearly

everything imaginable. The store is He Sells, She Sells.

While He Sells, She Sells is a consignment shop it does not sell just

previously owned items. Vendors rent space and sell a wide array of wares

that fit many different categories. Items sold are new retail, hand-crafted,

thrift store finds, and vintage keepsakes.

The shop is named after the fact that the group of vendors renting space at

the store are both males and females. The store is the brainchild of its

owner Jeanette Green, who was born in Fort Payne and moved to Scottsboro in

her twenties. Green has been a Registered Nurse for 35 years and stays busy

with both occupations. She said, “Work is her happy place.”

In addition to her 62 vendors, Green also sells items she purchases brand

new and items she discovers while “picking.” Green is one in a trio she

travels with to nearby states hunting for rare items and great deals.

“Joanna, Deborah, and myself are always looking for a unique find to bring

back and pass on to our customers,” said Green. “I especially look for odd

and funny things that make people laugh and that cannot be easily found.”

Two of Green’s favorite places to shop are Savannah and Memphis.

Green said some of her vendors have been with her since she opened seven

years ago. “It is sad to see a vendor have to stop selling, but change can

be a good thing, because it brings in a new vendor with new ideas,” said


Green sells a natural soap she purchases out of North Carolina and says it

is “the most wonderful soap ever.” One of the rare items Green has sold was

a life-sized statue of Elvis Presley. “Elvis left the building,” said Green.

“He now lives in Florida.” Other unique items she has sold included a

three-foot high Buster Brown dog and a Matt Dillon standup, life-sized,


Green believes another reason her business has done so well is because her

store is located near the famed Unclaimed Baggage Center. She says so far

word of mouth and Facebook have done a great job bringing the customers in.

The store is located at 414 East Willow Street, Scottsboro. Phone:

256-628-1655. Green is taking applications for part-time employees with cash

register experience.