Woman Assaults Police Officer

Woman Assaults Police Officer

David Hall, Reporter


On January 15, the Powell Police Department (PPD) responded to a call that allegedly resulted in their assistant chief being assaulted by a nude woman covered in blood.

After receiving a call stating that a naked woman was screaming at her neighbors from her mobile home, the PPD quickly arrived at the scene. There they found Stacey Waldrep, 38, of Section at her mobile home which was covered in blood and had multiple windows busted.

According to authorities, when contact was made with Waldrep on the scene, she ignored Assistant Chief Wilson’s commands to stay back.

While clearing the home, Assistant Chief Wilson deduced that the blood on the scene came from Waldrep. Officials say when Wilson went to his police car to get medical gear to help Waldrep, she attacked him from behind, resulting in Wilson being covered in her blood.

A statement was posted to the PPD Facebook page, stating that Wilson then attempted to arrest Waldrep, but she resisted which caused even more blood to cover Wilson.

After ultimately being detained by Wilson, Waldrep was covered with a blanket and received proper medical care at the scene before being taken to the Jackson County Jail.

In a statement made Monday, Powell Police Chief Stephen Malone said, “As police officers, you never truly know what to expect from any call.” Malone continued, “Clearing a residence alone, with a home covered in blood, all while ultimately trying to provide medical aid, is something most people just couldn’t do.”

In Police Chief Malone’s statement, he expressed gratitude for the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office, and Highlands Medical Center’s efforts in helping Wilson.

While not citing drugs or mental health as factors in Waldrep’s behavior Sunday, Malone encouraged anyone in crisis related to either, to reach out to local law enforcement for help. Malone included, “It’s never shameful to seek help, especially when it comes to addiction.”

Waldrep was charged with felony assault on a police officer, and her bond was set at $2,500. Authorities say more charges are expected.