Hollywood Church Vandalized

Hollywood Church Vandalized

By B.A. Little, Reporter • beverlyannette@southerntorch.com

HOLLYWOOD, Ala. — A church in Hollywood has been vandalized with racial slurs painted on the walls.

According to Jason Hepler, Chief of the Hollywood Police Department, made a Facebook post explaining the incident.

Hepler stated the police station received a call that the Apostles and Prophets Church on County Road 412 in Hollywood had been burglarized and vandalized within the last week and a half. 

According to Hepler, the back door had been kicked in and the offender(s) broke sound equipment, instruments, windows, and more. Racial slurs and graphic images were also painted on the walls.

Jackson Blaze reached out to Hepler and he stated, “We can not and will not allow this type of lawlessness in our community.”

If you have any information related to the capture of those responsible, please call (256) 259-1295.