Stewart and Tolliver in Runoff Wednesday

Stewart and Tolliver in Runoff Wednesday

By B.A. Little, Reporter •

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. — On Tuesday, a runoff election will be held between Nita Tolliver and Patrick Stewart for Scottsboro City Council Place 2.

Stewart, current President of the City Council and representative for Place 2,  is running on a campaign of experience and getting things accomplished, such as the removal of the turn lane barrier on Highway 72 near the intersection of County Park Road.

Steward has been on the city council for eight years with six of those years as the City Council president.

In an interview with the Jackson Blaze, Steward stated that economic growth and infrastructure were the most important issues facing Scottsboro’s citizens. He also said that listening to the citizens and what they need is vital to elected members of the City Council.

 Nita Tolliver is an educator at Caldwell Elementary School.  She based her campaign on supporting small businesses that are already in Scottsboro and further developing the city’s workforce.

Mrs Tolliver told The Jackson Blaze that she also wants to make Scottsboro more appealing and inviting to visitors as well as current residents.

Both candidates want you to remember to go vote Tuesday, October 6.