Scottsboro Experiencing Significant Growth

Scottsboro Experiencing Significant Growth

David Hall, Reporter

New businesses are being built in Scottsboro along Highway 72 and Highway 35, and Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce President Rick Roden says it has taken a lot of work to get them.

“Now we’re seeing dirt turn and buildings come up, so we are super excited about the growth,” said Roden.

Scottsboro Mayor Jim McCamy says these businesses will greatly impact the local economy. He stated, “It is going to be transformational for Scottsboro because these are all new businesses and all new jobs.”

The businesses coming to Scottsboro include Publix, TJ Maxx, Pet Depot, a car wash, and a bank. 

There has already been a recent influx of new residents in Scottsboro, and Mayor McCamy expects more growth due to the businesses’ arrival in the city. The population increased 5% between 2010 and 2020. Mayor McCamy believes this to be a result of the new businesses, along with the city’s location.

However, Mayor McCamy believes this recent influx of residents is more than just the businesses in Scottsboro. He said, “Where we are positioned, we have the river. We have a lot of opportunities here, for recreation and outdoor activities that a lot of other areas don’t have.”

The mayor also believes residents like Scottsboro because they do not have to live in a bigger city yet are positioned close to Huntsville and Chattanooga.