Jackson County Board Elects Interim Superintendent

Jackson County Board Elects Interim Superintendent

David Hall, Reporter


Wednesday morning, July 6, Dr. Angela Guess was chosen as the new interim superintendent of Jackson County Schools by the school district’s board.

Dr. Guess previously served at the board’s vice president.

In a statement about why she wanted to be chosen for this role, Dr. Guess said, “I want this school system to move forward.” She continued, “I would really like to see us not miss a beat because I don’t think Mr. Dukes would want us to miss a beat. I’ve been a part of the school system for so long, I was hoping that I could be of help.”

Dr. Guess will be serving the role the late Kevin Dukes, who sadly passed away last month, served. 

Before his passing, Dukes was overseeing a multi-million-dollar innovation and career facility. Dr. Guess plans to see Duke’s vision through.

Speaking on Duke’s passing, Dr. Guess stated, “We have recently had the tragedy of losing a superintendent who was much beloved and who was very visionary.” She continued, “He had plans for this district and for our students in ways of providing them for more opportunities. My goal is to see his vision carry on and to have those opportunities in the new innovation center we’re working on for our kids.”

Dr. Guess said there is no time table on her holding the interim position, but while serving the role, she intends to help progress the school district in every way she can.