Mayor’s Efforts To Stay Connected

<strong>Mayor’s Efforts To Stay Connected</strong>

By Marla Ballard


SCOTTSBORO – When it comes to the responsibilities and oversight of a mayor there may be some common misconceptions. A mayor is essentially a CEO of a municipality. Some of the duties of a mayor are to oversee municipal operations, municipal employees, make sure the bills are paid and execute municipal contracts. The role of the mayor generally reflects the viewpoints of the voters.

Many of the misconceptions concerning a mayor’s role in government basically come from thinking a mayor has the power to do things they do not have control over, and assuming a mayor does not have the authority to do some of the things they actually do have the authority to do.

Scottsboro’s Mayor, Jim McCamy says he is working diligently to keep his office transparent and keep his finger on the pulse of Scottsboro. One way in which he stays connected to the public is by speaking on a local radio station the fourth Friday of each month. The radio spot includes updates and a Q&A segment. Another avenue Mayor McCamy utilizes is a 30-minute monthly interview with a Scottsboro newspaper.

“On a monthly basis, Economic Development, The Chamber of Commerce, Commercial Development & Downtown Redevelopment, Utilies, Education, Hospital and County agencies get together to review what’s working, what our challenges are, and what is coming up,” said Mayor McCamy.

Annually, a State of the City meeting is held. This year it will be on Thursday, March 23, at the Goose Pond Civic Center. The breakfast meeting is open to the public and typically hosts local business’, industry and local government leaders. The annual event gives the mayor the opportunity to recognize departments for their accomplishments and discuss financials and upcoming projects and plans.”

Mayor McCamy said the office he took in 2020 was basically what he expected it to be. “I have to say there have not been any surprises yet as to the role of mayor,” said McCamy. “My employment experience over the years prepared me for this office. I always said, ‘If I ever get the opportunity to make a difference, I would,’” Mayor McCamy also said his role is made easier by the great employees he works with.

On a personal level Mayor McCamy stays involved with the community through charitable causes such as Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville, which has a five-county footprint that includes Jackson County. Also, the Highlands Foundation and the Boys & Girls Clubs of North Alabama.

Mayor McCamy said he is especially proud of the relationship between the city and county. “We meet and speak regularly, not only about Scottsboro, but about the county,” said McCamy. “I am a native son who cares deeply about this community and I wanted to be in this office to look for ways to improve the quality of life in both Scottsboro and in Jackson County. My hope is that if momentum is gained now, the momentum will continue and the future will be bright.”