Mike Sisk: County must do all it can to support teachers

Mike Sisk: County must do all it can to support teachers

By Dylan Smith, Managing Editor • dylan@southerntorch.com

JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. — Commissioner Mike Sisk on Thursday issued a press release regarding county funding for education. 

“I see school teachers as one of the most valuable assets in our county,” says Sisk. “I believe teachers are not paid nearly what they deserve.”

Sisk also expressed support for teachers receiving extended vacation time.

“In the past, teachers received much needed time off during the summer. It seems like now, there are so many training events they must attend. To my understanding, they aren’t always compensated for these classes.”

The District 4 Commissioner also raised issue with what he described as teachers having to make personal expenditures for some classroom materials.

“I don’t believe teachers should have to take money out of their own pockets to pay for classroom supplies. It seems as if there is always something our children are having to sell to raise money for the school. When teachers finally do receive the pay raise they need and deserve, their health insurance costs rise and basically consumes their entire pay raise.”

In closing, Sisk advocated for efficient use of education tax dollars. 

“With all the education tax revenue, I strongly feel as if these dollars are not being distributed wisely. We must do everything in our power as elected officials to stand with our county’s educators.”

Sisk is seeking re-election to the Jackson County Commission, District 4.