Probation Violation Leads to Jail Time

Probation Violation Leads to Jail Time

Marla Jones, Managing Editor 

SCOTTSBORO, Ala.– Brittany Joyce Smith, who pleaded guilty to murder for killing her alleged rapist, finds herself back in jail due to a fourth probation violation. 

Smith’s latest violation is over her admittance of meth use after attempting to falsely pass a drug test. Smith asked the court to be able to leave jail and go to rehab.

The judge ordered Smith back to jail until a hearing was held on May 24. A decision will be handed down for violating her probation.

Smith has been put back in jail for three violations — last May, August, and November after the completion of her 18-month sentence. 

She was then put on house arrest under her plea deal for Todd Smith’s murder in 2018. He was shot to death after Smith said he raped and strangled her.

Smith will remain in the Jackson County Jail until next month’s hearing.