Scottsboro Starbucks Union Votes Counted

Scottsboro Starbucks Union Votes Counted

David Hall, Reporter

All 20 ballots for the Scottsboro Starbucks union vote are in, however, they have not been counted yet. National Labor Board Representatives counted baristas from the Scottsboro Starbucks’ anonymous votes on Tuesday.

The results of the vote are eight votes for unionization and eight votes against with four ballots being challenged. Two of the challenged votes are from former employees who were fired. The NLBR must determine if either of the workers were illegally fired. If they find that to be the case, then the union will pass.

Starbucks has been having lots of workers unionizing across the country. There are over 200 unionized cafes in the country, according to the Starbucks Workers United Union.

Several baristas organized a union several months ago. They say their managers cut their hours and left them understaffed.

One barista, named Carla Gonzalez, said, “We still just don’t have enough staff on the floor to have enough help.” She continued, “It just builds stress on everyone else. I work two jobs so that makes it hard on everybody, mainly our mental health really.”

The Starbucks employees need over 50% to get the union. They say because of Starbucks’ recent tactics to delay proceedings, it could take months to get it.