Jackson Co. Holds 2020 Municipal Elections

Jackson Co. Holds 2020 Municipal Elections

By B.A. Little, Reporter • beverlyannette@southerntorch.com

JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. — The City of Scottsboro wanted change as was evident by the votes.  Jim McCamy defeated incumbent mayor Robin Shelton by over 200 votes.  McCamy campaigned on the need for long term planning and bringing businesses to Scottsboro. In an interview with The Jackson Blaze, Mr. McCamy stated, “The first thing we have do is start making Scottsboro business friendly and have plans in place for long term growth.” Along with the mayor’s race, Ralph Dawe, former police chief, defeated incumbent Greg Mashburn.  Dawe said in his interview that he listened to the citizens of Scottsboro and he is ready to get to work to move Scottsboro forward.  Patrick Steward and Nita Tolliver will be in a runoff in 4 weeks.  The Board of Education race is too close to call until the provisional votes are counted. 


• Mayor:

*Jim McCamy – 1742

Robin Shelton – 1533

• City Council Place 1:

*Ralph Dawe – 1637

Greg Mashburn – 1607

• City Council Place 2: 

Dale Langella – 241

*Patrick Stewart – 1541

*Nita Tolliver – 1482

• Board of Education Place 5

Julie Gentry – 1625

Gary Speers – 1626 

9 Provisional ballets will be reviewed on Monday. If not, then Tuesday at noon. Those 9 ballots are not included above and could change the results of the School Board Race. 

A runoff election will be held in 4 weeks between Patrick Stewart and Nita Tolliver for Council Place 2.

In other races around Jackson County: 

SECTION: No elections were held in the Town of SECTION as all incumbents went unopposed.

• Mayor: Rick Hanback (Incumbent)

• Council: Teresa McCrary (incumbent, place 1), Derrell Massey (Incumbent, place 2), Vandell Gann (Incumbent ,place 3), Jim Stringer (Incumbent, place 4), Tim Byrum (Incumbent place 5)


• Mayor: *Bubba Hughes (Incumbent,)

• City Council: Joe Stovall (Incumbent place 1), Michelle Willis (Incumbent, place 2), Bobby Seabolt (Incumbent place 3), Barry Hughes (Incumbent, place 4), and Wayne Crabtree (Incumbent, place 5).

PAINT ROCK: No elections were held in PAINT ROCK as all incumbents went unopposed.

Mayor: Paul O’Neal

Council, Place 1: Judy Manning (Incumbent), Council Place 2: Amanda Pylant (Incumbent), Council Place 3: Betty Putnam (Incumbent), Council Place 4; Jay O’Neal (Incumbent), Council, Place 5: Joanne Joiner


The Mayor’s race was the only challenged position.

• Mayor:  *Jerry Adkins (Incumbent) 69, *Darron McCrary 49, Ann Martin 45  – Run off will be held between Jerry Adkins and Darron McCrary

• City Council: Council Place 1: Judy Henderson (Incumbent), Council Place 2: Ilene Cothron (Incumbent), Council Place 3: Patty Allen (Incumbent), Council Place 4: Richard Warr (Incumbent), Council Place 5: Eric Cookston (Incumbent

PISGAH: No elections were held in PISGAH as all incumbents went unopposed.

• Mayor: Leamon Smith (Incumbent), 

• City Council: Linda Pruett Smith (Incumbent, place 1), Connie Carter (Incumbent, place 2), Lebron Ferguson (place 3), Kathy Woodfin (Incumbent, place 4). Dwight Meeks (Incumbent, place 5).


• Mayor:*Butch Vaught (Incumbent) defeated David B. Lofts

• City Council: Rick Wilborn (Incumbent, place 1), Cathy Evans Bevel (place 2), David Johnson (Incumbent, place 3) a runoff between *Nora Catherine Chadwick and* Rosalie Sarno will be held, Lisa D. Wilborn (Incumbent, place 5) 

SKYLINE: No elections were held in SKYLINE as all incumbents went unopposed.

• Mayor: Caleb Skipper

• City Council: Ralph Warren (Incumbent, place 1), Kim Ikard (Incumbent, place 2), Kelsey Stephens (place 3), Kyle Shelton (Incumbent, place 4), John Cook (Incumbent, place 5)

DUTTON: No elections were held in DUTTON as all incumbents went unopposed.

•Mayor: Tami Brown

• City Council: Roger Dale Gann (Incumbent, place 1), Claudessa Rose Rains (place 2), Armon B. Wright (Incumbent, place 3), Mark Davis (Incumbent, place 4), Tammy Barnes Stevens (place 5)


• Mayor: *Rickey Steele 424 (Incumbent) and Mike Cloud 301

• City Council: Wally Rowe (Incumbent, place 1, Gregory Chubb (place 2), Glenda Taylor (incumbent, place 3), Keith Davis (Incumbent, place 4), Bob Spencer (Incumbent, place 5)